24-Hr Emergency Tree Service

Sometimes we face inclement weather and our trees are not always ready to face the situation. In some cases, there is a rupture of a part of the tree or quite simply a complete uprooting of the tree. In any case, if you notice that there is an emergency and the tree threatens to break the surrounding infrastructure or threatens to fall on people, it is important to call in a team of professionals to remedy the situation quickly. We will know what to do and secure the premises quickly and safely.

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Is there a good time to prune?

Overall, there’s no better time to prune. According to several observations made over time, we try not to perform pruning when there are no leaves in the tree. For the sole reason that it is more difficult to see how much dead wood is in a tree when there are no leaves. However, we can always come and solve urgent problems caused by weather factors, such as ice and wind for example. However, to ensure the quality of the pruning work, it is best to wait until the buds open before starting pruning work. Similarly, during the rise of the spring sap, it is not recommended to carry out cuts / interventions in the tree because a greater sap flow than usual could attract insects and fungus spores. Always keep in mind that a cut made in a tree is a wound / opening for fungus and insect spores. It goes without saying that quality cuts must be made to promote good compartmentalisation of tree wounds.

The advantage of the Bay Tree Removal Service team

With our team, you will be sure that our team will take care of your trees as if they were our own. Arboriculture is a passion, and each member of our team shares this passion. The fact that each pruner is certified ensures the full quality of the work and the concern for a job well done. During a meeting with a member of the Bay Tree Removal Service team, we will be able to guide you from start to finish in the maintenance of your trees.

When to call?

When you notice an unusual breakage on your tree or that it threatens to break, injure, or simply fall, it is imperative to resolve the situation quickly. The person on the phone will guide you as to the procedures and preparations you will need to make. In most cases, we will be on site within one to two hours.

What does emergency work consist of?

It should be understood that emergency work is only present to resolve an urgent situation. Several options can be discussed before the professionals arrive. Such as the evacuation of wood, case of insurance or not or the limitation of the work to the emergency situation. All these elements will have a direct and indirect impact on the final pricing of the services rendered.

Best time to call

There is no better time to call us. If there is an emergency, we will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, only emergency service is offered at these times. During your call, you will be asked several questions to determine the seriousness and urgency of the situation.

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24-Hr Emergency Tree Service​
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