Treescape Services

We provide services for landscaping and landscaping, pruning and rejuvenation of trees in adjoining territories and summer cottages, office and commercial facilities, parks and gardens, as well as assistance in collecting and removing garbage (leaves and snow). If you want a plot near your home, office, or business to please the eye, we will quickly and at an affordable price equip lawns, set up flower beds and flower beds, plant trees and shrubs, and organize plant care.

Plant care

Trees and shrubs that are beautiful must first be healthy. Tree and shrub health begins with the soil-root relationship, which includes proper water and nutrition. But, like our own body which needs a good rest and proper nutrition, sometimes that is not enough. Even healthy trees can suffer from insects, and disease issues, as well as environmental and physical issues which we call abiotic. All of these issues require the help of trained professionals with a thorough knowledge of plant systems and treatment options.

Garden technologies for home and business

Our company provides a full range of services in the field of landscape design. We cooperate with the owners of small summer cottages and spacious cottages, we equip city recreation areas, areas near offices, shopping, and entertainment centers, enterprises, municipal institutions. We carry out gardening of summer cottages and cottage settlements, industrial gardening, services for the arrangement of parks and much more. We work in Hayward and the California region.

Our services:

– landscape design;

– landscape-design services;

– treescape design;

– improvement of a summer cottage, parks, and gardens, office, industrial, and municipal facilities;

– greening of parks, suburban areas, gardening of gardens, territories of office centers, shopping, and entertainment centers, enterprises;

– creation of lawns, flower beds, alpine hills, rockeries, rose gardens, pionariums;

– arrangement of small architectural forms;

– planting trees and shrubs;

– arrangement of winter gardens;

– garden maintenance.

Treescape design

We carry out works of varying complexity. You can order from us greening services for plots of any size, from a small summer cottage to an industrial area of ​​several hectares. We will make your dreams of an orchard, rose garden or flower garden, alpine slides, or vertical decoration come true. The landscape design will turn the area next to the office, city park, country, or garden plot into a real oasis of flowers and aromas, fill with birdsong and butterflies fluttering.

Our company offers turnkey projects, we can perform part of the work or advise you on the maintenance of the garden. The terms and prices for the improvement and landscaping of the territories of industrial enterprises, summer cottages, urban recreation areas depend on the area and complexity of the project. We will offer you the best solutions for your budget.

Our company, Bay Tree Removal Service cooperates with leading nurseries. The services for the improvement of the territory include the selection of plants, taking into account the climate, soil, and other features of the site. We select young and healthy seedlings that are not afraid of the wind and frost and do not need labor-intensive care. Having provided services for landscaping the territory, we will be glad if you entrust us with the care of the garden. If you deal with it, we will be happy to advise you on all issues.

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Treescape Services
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