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The urban forest is an ecological legacy that helps create a cachet of beauty and quality of life in our immediate environment. Optimal care of the trees is a critical factor in preserving this wealth for our future generations.

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Support systems

These systems are usually used in conjunction with pruning as a risk mitigation measure. Depending on the need, dynamic or static-support systems or a combination of both can be used. These techniques are very effective. They allow codominant stems that are weakly connected to the trunk or have decay to be supported and secured. In some cases, these techniques prevent severe pruning or felling of the tree.


For esthetic, practical, or phytosanitary reasons, once a tree has been felled, the stumps and surrounding mounds are usually removed. The recommended grubbing method is shredding rather than uprooting. This minimizes the damage that the necessary machinery can cause to the soil.


Complete removal of a tree is sometimes necessary to eliminate a potential hazard or nuisance in a development. In urban areas, it is seldom possible to perform a felling on foot, as lots are often cramped. Encroachment must be accomplished by the gradual, section-by-section removal of the structure using guyed systems and safe work practices. Under current regulations, in most municipalities, property owners must obtain a permit before cutting down a tree on their property. Contact your municipality.

Tree Pruning

Defined as an arboricultural intervention aimed at optimizing the tree’s resources and energy expenditure. Pruning is a process of directing the growth of a tree as it develops. For example, pruning includes reducing the risk of weakly attached branches or dead parts of a tree, educational pruning of young trees to prepare their structure for optimal growth, thinning infrastructure, lifting branches that are too low, or maintenance pruning of mature trees by removing dead, misguided, diseased, or co-dominant, interfering, damaging, or weak branches.

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