About Us

Bay Tree Removal Service is a company that specializes in tree services in Hayward, CA. We are trusted for both commercial and residential services. We have been in business for over 25 years and have gained enough expertise over time. Thus, we can fix any tree problem regardless of how complex it is. Bay Tree is the largest tree company in California and has branches in San Leandro, Castro Valley, and Fremont.

At Bay tree, we take pride in surpassing customer expectations and maintaining client relationships. We believe that our customers contribute 100% to our success as a company.


Our ambition as Bay Tree is to be at the top of the industry, offering impeccable and high standard services even to other parts of the world.


Our vision is to reach more people, teach them better tree maintenance practices, and encourage tree planting activities as a form of environmental conservation.

Having started from the bottom, we know what it takes to be at the top; thus, our services are not questionable. When you choose, you will get to experience the services of our certified arborists who have passed extensive tests on all facets of arboriculture. This means your trees’ health is catered for at Bay Tree.

We offer a wide range of tree services such as:

● Large or small tree removal

● Tree trimming and pruning

● Stump grinding

● Land clearing

● Tree landscaping

● 24 hours emergency tree service

● Treescape services

● Pest and disease control by our qualified arborists

Having been in the tree service business for quite a long time, we understand that trees require different approaches as they encounter varying problems. Therefore, our team modifies each project to meet the customers. Your trees’ health is our priority, and there is not any given time our staff will violate that.

Our values as a company are:

● Integrity: we ensure that we handle any job with outstanding professionalism.

● Safety Bay: tree is committed to ensuring your safety.

● Expertise: we are very keen on hiring staff and ensure that they are all qualified for the job. We also keep on bettering our skills to enhance the quality of our services.

Don’t hesitate to call and let us discuss your tree problem. We offer a free estimate to our clients. We guarantee that we will exceed your expectations and put your vision into reality.