Land clearing service

Clearing the site requires appropriate experience and qualifications. The company “Bay Tree Removal Service” has all the resources necessary for high-quality preparation of the territory for transformation into an attractive, comfortable country estate, a blooming garden, a magnificent parterre lawn, an ideal playground for tennis or golf.

While your hands are discouraged from the appearance of a once attractive summer house, our teams methodically carry out clearing of sites of any degree of neglect at a favorable price.

The complex of works performed includes:

– clearing summer cottages from chaotically growing trees and shrubs, including sawing and felling, sanitary, molding or rejuvenating pruning, cutting shrubs and pruning all dry branches;

– professional cleaning of household and household waste accumulated on the site;

– clearing garden plots from large boulders;

– technological dismantling of structurally unreliable buildings;

– uprooting the stumps remaining after felling trees;

cutting trees for firewood, storing them in a woodpile for subsequent heating of a fireplace or stove, or for sale;

– shredding unnecessary branches and cutting fragments;

garbage and felling residues removal;

mowing grasses and killing weeds (if necessary, using certified herbicides);

– digging and loosening the soil;

– leveling the land plot;

– the delivery of fertile soil to replace the saline, clayey, or simply poor in nutrients;

– at the request of the customer – arrangement of the entrance to the site of equipment that will carry out the planned construction work on it.

How much does it cost to clear trees and debris?

The final cost of clearing the site is determined by the degree of its abandonment and is calculated at adequate, verified tariffs. Clearing the site means that in the end it will be completely ready for sale or for planning and laying out lawns, arranging paths and other elements of landscape design.

Clearing the site by professionals includes a qualified assessment of its landscape merits. For example, it is not at all necessary to get rid of all wild trees and shrubs. The original form of mountain ash or viburnum spectacular hawthorn or hazel can adequately decorate the territory of the future estate. And around an attractive birch, dense spruce or pine, a comfortable seating area will subsequently be formed. A professional approach and vast experience allow our employees to leave the healthiest and strongest trees, while reducing the cost of site clearing.

The existing relief irregularities can also play an important role in the further development of the territory. When examining the object, a specialist planning to clear garden plots automatically notes: “An alpine slide will look great on this neat mound”, “In a small depression near the western wall of the house, you can equip an artificial reservoir”, “That hill is ideal for laying out a rocky garden” … Thus, professional site clearing already creates the basis for designing its landscape. And due to the price of clearing the sites, the cost of future landscape design is optimized.

Clearing a site is not easy. Entrust it to qualified experts who can guarantee the impeccable quality of work. The more thoroughly the suburban areas are cleared, the easier it will be to implement the most effective proposals of designers on them and to work the land in the future.

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Land clearing Service
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