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When your city, street, and home all have well maintained, beautiful trees, you feel proud to live in such a place. However, you will have to take an effort at maintaining the trees throughout the seasons. They should be properly watered and trimmed when you see excess growth. There are times some trees have to be cut and removed. If you decided to do the cutting of the tree yourself, you may leave the stump as it is. Some agencies do that as well.

Leaving a tree stump projecting a few inches above the ground could be dangerous, not to mention the negative aesthetics. You must summon a professional agency like Bay Tree Removal Service to handle the stump removal work. 

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Why Should the Stump be Removed?

There are many reasons why the stump, after cutting and removing a tree, should not be left standing. It is a hazard.

If you have kids playing in the yard, they could trip over it and hurt themselves. You could even damage a lawnmower while mowing near the stump. It’s an eyesore as well. Just when you are trying to make your landscape look tidy and nice, a tree stump spoils the appearance of the place.

Lastly, it affects the value of the property. If you have plans of selling your property, this is always included as part of the advice. Buyers of properties would not like to see a tree stump in the yard and can cite that as an excuse to bargain for a lower price. This is an undesirable situation.

What is Done During Stump Removal? 

There are different ways to remove a tree stump from your yard. The ideal way would be to remove it completely along with whatever portion is below the earth and clear up the area. This may involve filling up the dent in the ground and making it level. If this is found difficult due to various reasons, then the next best alternative is to grind the stump to the surface.

Good arborists will be able to come up with the right advice here. They will study the type of tree stump that has been left behind. If it was an old tree, removing the stump may prove to be easy. The grinding work will involve first cutting the stump using an electric saw, as close to the ground as possible. The grinder would then be run over it to flatten it to the surface level. All debris is then removed.

Check with your local council before dumping the debris. Some local bodies do not remove the tree debris from your doorstep. Bay Tree Removal in Hayward CA can organize the entire stump removal service along with clearing the debris.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove Tree Stumps?

We strive to remain as competitive as possible, keeping our relationship with you, the customer, in view. The exact cost can only be shared when our arborists make an assessment of the tree stump, at the site. We assure you of the best tree service in Hayward, at the best prices possible.

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