Worst Pests In Castro Valley That Can Damage Your Tree

There’s no denying that trees and shrubs are valuable in our yards and gardens. To get the best out of these trees in terms of value, beauty, shade, and fruits in some, you will need to put in extra effort to ensure they grow in a healthy condition. That is why you need to diagnose your trees and treat them as soon as possible when attacked by diseases, insects, and pests.

In the Castro Valley, your trees are vulnerable to some tree pests and insects that may threaten their growth. Always lookout for these worst pests that may damage your tree if not treated. Call us at Bay Tree Removal Service @ (510) 250-5158 immediately you find these pests on your tree.


Aphids, also known as ‘plant lice,’ is the most common insect that may attack your healthy tree and damage it entirely if you do not get rid of them in time.

These insects use their mouthparts to pierce and suck the leaves, stems, and roots of a tree.

You can notice them feeding in groups. When you find yellow leaves and stem foliage covered in a sticky substance, aphids may have been the cause of sucking on the sap.

We will help you get rid of this nuisance by controlling them using professional contact products.

Leaf Miners

These are tiny black flies whose larvae cause damage to your tree and shrub.

The larvae affect the leaves by causing yellow squiggly lines. The lines are a result of the leaves being bored by the larvae in the interior.

They are best controlled using products that will translocate through the plant.

Spider mites

They have eight limbs and resemble a normal spider, with these insects being tinier in comparison. You may need a magnification lens to see them. They are one of the most destructive and notorious mites that may attack your plant.

They pierce the leaves of a tree using their sharp mouthparts and feed on the chlorophyll. This can lead to white spots on the leaves. The damaged leaves shortly fall after turning brown.

They are best controlled using selective miticide products that will eliminate the harmful mites and leave the beneficial mites on the tree.

Scale insects

Scale insects are named from the scales that cover their whole bodies. They feed on the sap of a tree’s branches, stems, fruits, and leaves. They quickly drain the tree of sap by sucking using their sharp mouthparts.

Bay Tree Removal Service recommends that you involve a professional arborist to get rid of these insects. They require careful attention that is not part of the regular plant health care.


Female bagworms can lay up to 1000 eggs, which hatch in spring. The young larvae are so destructive as they constantly feed on trees until they grow. You can get rid of bagworms by handpicking them or cutting them from the infected parts of the plant

These are some of the worst pests in Castro valley that can easily damage your healthy tree. Always seek professional help in case you notice your tree has been infested with pests and insects.

Call us today @ (510) 250-5158 for tree treatment in Castro valley and the Bay Area.

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