Trees That Will Increase Your Property Value In Fremont

75% of top real estate agents will tell you that well-landscaped properties are 1% to 10% more valuable than properties with no landscaping.

The Council of Trees and Landscape Appraisers also calculate the tree’s value in property depending on several factors like the tree species, location, and tree condition.

According to them, wounds, decay, damage, and insect infection on a tree could lower the value of your property. So it is best to remove such trees along with the dying ones from your yard.

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You can also turn to us for recommendations for the best trees that will increase your property value in Fremont.

Here are some of them. These trees have been recommended by the Urban Forestry Council and are, therefore, well adapted to the Bay Area and Fremont’s climate and conditions.

New Zealand Christmas tree

The New Zealand Christmas tree is the favorite along the coast and the Peninsula. It is both a shrub and a standard specimen tree that looks incredible during the night.

It takes a short time to grow and produce red flowers in winter.

It is also able to thrive in poor, rocky soil and reach 82’ high.

Marina strawberry tree

The marina strawberry tree is one of Fremont’s most favorite evergreen trees. It grows up to 50’ with a broad and dense crown.

While it grows, its older bark peels off from the branches and the trunk, revealing a new and beautiful red bar. It produces white-blushed pink flowers throughout the year.

This tree can tolerate drought, but watering it during the summer will make you keep it more attractive and healthy.

Sweet shade

Another evergreen tree that you can grow in your property in Fremont and increase the property’s value.

The Sweet shade can grow up to a height of 40’, producing fragrant yellow flowers that bloom in Spring and early summer.

These trees require easy maintenance and infrequent watering.

Victorian Box

If you need a handsome profile in your Fremont garden to increase its property, the Victorian box should be on the list.

It is an evergreen tree that grows up to 50’ tall, producing wavy leaves and slightly broad branches for shade.

It also produces yellow fruits for some months after blossoming with fragrant flowers during spring and early summer.

Water gum

Water gum performs best in properties near the coast and along the banks of streams. Its trunk and branches tend to follow the direction of the water current. It grows slowly up to a height of 50’. This tree will need more pruning to maintain a perfect shape as it tends to produce many branches.

It produces bright yellow flowers and a sweet scent that attracts bees and insects.

It blooms during spring and early summer, producing its beauty and excellence.

Improve your landscape today

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