Worst Trees To Plant In Your Yard In Fremont

Almost everyone knows the importance of trees in our lives, from providing shade, beauty, and fruits to even giving medicine.

Like any other good thing, though, trees need maintenance and care to give what we want. They need trimming and pruning, treatment, and watering. But when this care and maintenance becomes a burden to you, you may just find them the worst tress you have ever grown. Some will even shed their leaves and make your compound dirty.

Be careful not to pick these worst trees to plant in your yard in Fremont.

Southern Magnolia

As hard as you may find it hard to insult or find anything negative to this impressive traditional tree, Southern Magnolia should not be close to your options.

Although it will create the attraction that you will ever want for a tree, you should be prepared to clean up the debris every day. The magnolia cones fall under the tree and are also prone to causing accidents like breaking ankles. They are painful when stepped on.

The cones can easily break a window or strike you when falling.

Sweet gum

Often planted as an ornamental tree in yards, the sweet gum also stands out during fall. However, the seeds and the fruits (gumballs) are spiky, making them not a good option for your yard. Although there are some non-sterile varieties, these trees will not stop shedding leaves around your compound.

The gumballs, unfortunately, are not sweet or edible, just a burden. Worst, they are not easy to rake, forcing you to pick each one of them by hand.


Pecans are deciduous trees that produce nuts, perhaps because many thought they were the best option for their yards.

But how could anyone resist growing a tree that produces a savory meat flavor when used in a smoker?

This is the reason you should not consider it;

Pecans do not just shed leaves. They also shed their branches. A heavy storm and the branches are falling. Whether old or young pecans!

When the leaves drop, they just become overwhelming. Besides, they produce sticky sap that can get hard to remove when they fall on surfaces including on your car.


While many oak tree species only shed a few leaves and branches for some time, others produce acorns, which are very hard to rake up.

Oaks are also prone to lightning strikes. They are most likely to get struck by lightning than any other tree species.

Northern Catalpa

The Catalpa tree is so common, and many know it as a weed in some areas. It’s not easy to find someone growing them in their yard, but you can be a victim of the “weed.”

What’s terrible about catalpa trees? They are home to catalpa worms, which can cover the whole tree. While the worms make great fishing baits, you may not go fishing with these types of trees in your yard.

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