Why You Should Not Plant Trees Close To Your House

Your home is a special place, and the addition of trees and shrubs enhances the beauty of your gardens, pathways, and gardens. But if you put the wrong tree in the wrong place, they may be more troublesome than they are worth. Most tree species should not be planted close to your house. They may become a source of a headache instead of creating a peaceful haven for you.

If you are thinking of adding some trees close to your house, here is why you should think twice.

Falling leaves, twigs, and branches

Falling leaves, twigs, and branches are reasons some people do not even love trees. But it’s true. It may be a burden to clean them every morning around your home. The bad thing is that you cannot assume them. Otherwise, your yard may be covered with large fallen branches. Your gutters may also accumulate a lot of falling leaves, which can cause damage to their structure.

Invasive roots

Some trees have invasive root systems that go deep and wide while seeking nutrients and water. Such roots are dangerous to your sewer system and your building’s structure if the tree is grown near the house. Trees like maple and willows should never be planted close to your home as they are known for damaging the structure of the house, pavements, water pipes, and septic tanks.

Property damage

The risk of property damage increases when you plant a tree near your house. The falling branches are always dangerous for the parking cars and other delicate properties below the tree.

Heavy branches can also damage your roof when they break and fall. Fruit trees near a house is also a bad idea. Otherwise, you will be waking up after each fall of fruit in the middle of the night.

Foundation damage due to soil moisture levels

There is a specific amount of water level required to keep a tree alive. When trees take in water in the soil around your house, the soil moisture levels tend to fluctuate and may even cause cracks in the foundation of your home.


Moisture can attract insects such as termites around your home. You would not want such insects around your home for obvious reasons. For instance, termites feed on shrubs and the roots of a tree. This may weaken the tree and cause a safety concern.

Always think carefully about where and what trees to plant. If you need professional help, you determine what trees are harmless when grown near your house.

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