Things You Didn’t Know About Hayward.

In Alameda County in San Francisco Bay Area’s southeastern region, Hayward is known for many interesting facts and home to the famous wrestler and now actor Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). But there are lots of things you may not know about this town.

Whether you are a visitor or resident, you will learn plenty of new and exciting things about this place.

Here are things you may be surprised to find out about Hayward.

Changed its name four times

Hayward was originally known as “Hayward’s” before changing to “Haywood’ and later “Haywards.” It later changed its name to Hayward. Most people and historians believe the city was named after Wiliam Dutton Hayward, who opened his hotel in 1852. Dutton and a Ukrainian priest named Agapius Honcharenko are strongly associated with the city.

Agapius created a farm in Hayward that has turned into a historic landmark today.

It’s a great place for golfing.

Hayward has three golf courses. The Stonebrae features 18 holes, cooking classes, tennis lessons, and even hiking.

The second golf course, the Skywest, has a pro shop, practice ranges, a bar, and a grill. The third golf course, Mission Hills, has nine holes. It is managed by the local park and Recreation District.

Hayward is full of trails.

While you may know a few, Hayward is home to hiking, walking, running, and biking trails. This town has more than 111 trails covering a total of 764 miles. While you may have your favorite trail in the area, you will have a fantastic experience trying out different trails with different difficulties and courses. From the longest Alameda Creek Regional Trail to some of the shortest, like the Barberry Walkway, Hayward is such an excellent area for bikers, hikers, runners, and walking.

Hayward has several dog parks.

When you need a friendly place to walk with your dog, either off-leash or on-leash, Hayward homes several dog parks for you, treating your dog to a great experience when they want to run and exercise or play with other dogs. You can take your dog to any of the many dog parks. Some of the famous parks include the Eden Greenway Dog park, Drigon Dog park, and the Old Creek Dog Park of Cherryland.

While these famous dog parks are loved by many, they can get full, and you may consider going to smaller parks for the best lone time with your dog.

There are so many touristic things you can do in Hayward.

Hayward and its nearby towns hold so much for the visitors. From the Gregangelo museum to the Bonsai garden and the winding stone labyrinth, you will enjoy your stay in Hayward as a visitor.

Locals and visitors get treated to some fantastic annual events, walks in the parks, picnics, and hiking.

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