Dogs Park In Castro Valley

Sometimes your dog will want to socialize and play with other dogs. The best part is to take your dog for such activities in the dog parks. Your dog can get to play and exercise off-leash under your watch. Castro Valley offers several dog parks that you can take your dog and enjoy your weekend out with them. Here are some of the dogs’ parks you may consider choosing from.

Earl Warren Dog Park

Earl Warren is a fenced off-leash dog park that has two separate areas for large and small dogs. There are also plenty of picnic tables around to have some fun as your dog enjoys socializing with other dogs.

Get to one of the restrooms and have some rest if that is all you need.

Old Creek Dog Park of Cherryland

The old creek dog park of Cherryland is an impressive off-leash park for small and large dogs. Well maintained with all litters removed so you cannot step on the ‘little brown mountains.’

A few benches have been placed on the fence for you to have some rest as you watch your dog having fun.

It is not always full, and sometimes you can find yourself and your dog in the whole space! You can also be joined with a few people with their dog, and your dog may have just met a new friend to play with.

Newbark Dog Park

Opened in late May 2020, this park is one of the newest and well-maintained dog parks for your dog. The park is full of natural, short grass and does not smell like poo.

They provide trash bags but no water fountains due to the pandemic.

The park is divided into two separate areas for big and small dogs. There are also benches to sit on as you let your dog have some fun. It is not always packed in the morning hours, but expect some people coming in with their dogs in the afternoons.

Drigon Dog Park

Drigon Dog park is a fantastic dog park located in Union City. This dog park will give your dog a pleasant experience with its addition of a few obstacles in the dog’s course for it to attempt and pass them.

The park also has a couple of additional small spaces from the main one, where you can take your dog on and off-leash.

Water fountains are located all over the park, as well as the trash bags.

This park is pretty empty on weekdays, especially during work hours. So if your dog loves having their own time, this is the best time to take them to the park. But if you notice they love meeting other dogs and play with them, weekend afternoons are the best times.

Point Isabel Dog park

Point Isabel is a famous large dog park along the water in Oakland. It is also close to the city center where you can have your picnic here. There is a food stand that offers decent breakfast and lunch options and coffee drinks.

It’s a large area that is not enclosed. So your dog will be free and swim if they prefer.

While this area is not enclosed for either small and large dogs, many people look after their dogs, and you will have minimal issues when you visit.

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