Why is it so hard to find a contractor?

Why is it so hard to find a contractor?

The main reason to hire a professional tree service company is because of the experience they have in the industry. Bay Tree Removal Service handle the tree cutting and trimming service without causing injury to the people or the property. Before proceeding with the service blindly, it is always a good idea to get an estimate from the company and to sign a contract with them.

Finding a tree service contractor

Finding the best tree service contractors is quite difficult. This industry is famous only since the 1990s. Most of the companies are still budding in this field so getting a professional service is difficult for the tree owners. Many companies don’t have a certified arborist or high-end equipment to treat the trees. Some companies don’t provide 24 hours service in case of emergencies. Yet another major reason is tree services are way more expensive.

What to look for in a contract?

First, research various companies in and around your location. Check the companies’ websites, client testimonials, their experience, kinds of service, and so on. After the detailed research, get your estimate from two or more companies and then select the company based on your budget and needs.

Details to check for in a contractor

Once you have selected the company, check for the following details before signing the contract with them.

1) Insurance

Every tree service company should possess insurances that are liable to the injury of a person, property, and employees. Insurance is considered to be of utmost importance by the customers.

2) Safety and License

Every company should get a license from the municipalities to operate their service and follow the latest safety standards in their work.

3) Cancelation Policy

The least expected cancelation time for both the company and the clients is 24 hours. If any of the customers cancel the service after the team had dispatched to the workplace, then they must pay the mobilization fee to the company.

4­) Terms of payment

The full payment has to be done within 30 days of receiving the invoice from the company. If the customer cannot pay within 30 days, then they’ll end up paying the finance charge or extra service charge to the company. Check on the modes of payment like Visa Card, Mastercard, Checks, American Express, and so on, that can suit your convenience. 

5) Ownership

The company always confirms the ownership of the tree or the property they are going to work on. Sometimes the company asks for a warrant or permission from their respective owners to do their tree services.

Services to be covered

In the agreement, have a detailed list of the works to be covered in the company’s service. The detailed list would help to work on the payment.