Building Communities

Building Communities is an article extracted from the book called “Union City through the years” by “Myrla Raymundo”. As part of building Union city there were a lot of trees removed and new construction started happening. For the benefit of the users, Bay Tree removal service in Hayward CA is offering Tree Planing service

Tree Planting
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Do you ever wonder how a city is shaped? A city is formed by a myriad of activities by the people living in that city.

How did the women in Union City participate in our community in the early years of our city’s formation and how did they contribute to the progress of our city? They formed the Union City women’s club and the Deco to Discussion Group to bring the women of the community closer together in the bonds of broadening their lives intellectually and socially. There are also different organizations and clubs in the city that have helped their members achieve their objectives and goals.

Even though the Union City Drive-In was demolished for a commercial center, for 32 years it was a source of enjoyment for our residents. It was a familiar sight. It was a landmark. It was a source of pride for our city when the curtain first rose in1966.

The Holy Ghost Festival, called the “Festa” in Portuguese, is a 600-year-old Portuguese Catholic tradition. It sprouted from the religious custom of making a promise to the Holy Spirit: a spiritual kind of IOU. One asks for divine help under the condition that, when the help comes, one will do something good for the community.

Union City can boast of many churches that are helping to shape the well-being of our residents and enhance the quality of life in our city. Churches hold different festivals in the area.

The year 2000 welcomed Union Landing, a major retail center that includes a 25-screen theater complex and several major businesses.

Quality housing went up all over the city. The 45.5-acre Patterson Property at the southern end of Union City Boulevard, west of Lowry Road and north of Alameda Creek, was developed with upscale Ponderosa homes. Other developers, such as the Ryland Brothers, Citation Homes, Braddock & Logan, and others, built more high-quality homes all over the city.

On November 23, 1998, the Ralph & Mary Ruggieri Senior Center, located at 33997 Alvarado-Niles Road, opened its facility to an estimated 9,500 seniors in our city.

The Union City Transit Hub located in Union Landing, facilities connections between Union City Transit and AC Transit, as well as provides much-needed access from the east side of Union City to destinations to the west, north, and south.

James Logan High School offers a full range of academics, vocational, enrichment, and special education programs for over 3,100 students in Union City.

The Union City branch of the Alameda County Library, located at the William Cann Civic Center, serves the city and neighboring cities.

The Union City Historical Museum, situated in Old Alvarado, is now popular to the residents. It is dedicated to recording and preserving the history of Union City.

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc constructed a three-story 138,000 square foot medical office building on 8.4 acres along Union City Blvd. and serves Union City and outlying areas.

Beautiful and spacious parks are provided to the residents.

The city has an outstanding Police Department and equally outstanding Fire Department that serve the community.

The Farmers Market and Concert Series provide venues for the entire community to enjoy and help bring business to the Alvarado area.

Ethnic celebrations are being held in the city much to the enjoyment of the residents.

The Union City Arts Council provides venues for the artists in the city by holding art shows periodically.

The city is now composed of diverse groups of people who continue to contribute to the building of the community and the city of Union City.

All these myriad of activities help build Union City into a well-balanced and thriving community.

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